Saturday, October 30, 2010

Filming and food fun at FareStart

NAAAP-Seattle filmed the first of its "Work hard. Play hard. NAAAP hard" commercial series at FareStart in Seattle on September 26. That event also marked NAAAP-Seattle's fourth time volunteering with FareStart in 2010 alone.

NAAAP-Seattle boasts the top-ranked community service program among NAAAP chapters located in the United States.

There were several first-time NAAAP-Seattle volunteers that day.

Passion Julinsey found out about it through Facebook. She said, “Cooking is fun. Being able to give and have fun at the same time is rewarding.”

“I like the teamwork aspect and like to see the concrete results," said Julinsey, pointing to the pile of sandwiches. "An hour ago, these sandwiches weren’t even made.”

Kenny Chen was another first time Farestart/NAAAP volunteer. He found out about the event through a friend.

“I had some free time. I thought I would give it a try. It’s a good opportunity to help out. I will do it again," said Chen.

Jen Park, the NAAAP-Seattle coordinator for Farestart activities, said that there is always a waiting list to get to volunteer with Farestart.

Tokusan Svenson was one lucky volunteer when he was pulled off the waiting list the night before.

“We have a whole army of volunteers to activate and help out the community," said Svenson. "It’s good to have a lot of fun activities that we can pair up with Community Service.

Svenson moved from Boston 10 months ago and he had participated in some NAAAP Boston Activities.

Other NAAAP-Seattle volunteers that day included: John Park, Kevin Chang, Sherwin Tsao, Yan Jue Xiang, Tracy Zhen, and Monica Yuen.

To find out about joining or supporting NAAAP-Seattle "army of volunteers", please contact NAAAP-Seattle Community Service Chair David Eam at ,

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