Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recap: 2011 NAAAP Convention and Diversity Career Fair

Boston, MA - The 2011 NAAAP Convention and Diversity Career Fair was NAAAP’s latest conference with over 620 attendees from 13 chapters and ventures from both Canada and US. Leaving our week in Boston, we achieved four goals:

     • Educated ourselves on Asian issues and identified chapter opportunities and go-do’s for the upcoming year.
     • Built organizational relationships with sponsors and other chapters as well as building our own leadership capacity.
     • Attended National Board and Sr. Advisory Board Meetings.
     • Acknowledged our achievements in Marketing (winner), Community Service (winner), Membership (top 3 finisher) and Programs (top 3 finisher) at the Gala.

Scroll below for event highlights and thank yous.


Thank Yous
     • The Boston Chapter for hosting the convention and led by Samson Lee.    
     • The National administration for creating this leadership opportunity year over year.
     • Our membership and board members who attended getting opporutnities to meet employers and attend sessions.
     • The numerous sponsors and career fair exhibitors.
     • The generous volunteers for their time and talents.

And that’s a wrap. Mark your calendars for the NAAAP Convention 2012 which will be held in New York City August 23-25. This will be a celebration of NAAAP’s 30th anniversary.

 NAAAP Seattle Board

Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 10 Tips When You Arrive in Boston for the 25th NAAAP Convention and Diversity Career Fair Presented by Macy's

Boston, Ma is the site for the 25th NAAAP Convention and Diversity Career Fair presented by Macy's

In a few days we'll be checking into our flights heading of on our journey to Revolutionary Leadership, so here are some arrival tips for you on what to expect and fun facts, etc about BOSTON, MA:

1. Logan International Airport--Boston's main airport has 5 terminals, A, B, C, D and E. It is not large enough to have a tram system, but plenty of buses, shuttles, silver line, shuttle bus to the T (T is our subway/MBTA/MTA public transportation system).

2. Taxi cab fare to the seaport hotel would be about $15 including the tip. Logan is only 3 miles from the hotel.

3. The cheapest way would be to take the silver line, SL1 To the World Trade Center Stop and will be $2 one way. Have singles or change, I can't remember if there are tix machines outside the terminals or not. If there are, you can pay cash or by credit for a tix. The silver line looks like a long bus. If in doubt, ask the bus driver (before you pay) if it goes to the World Trade Center Stop. The ride will be about 15 min. Once at the WTC Stop, it will feel like a subway stop (underground), so exit up to the ground level and the hotel is one block away. The hotel number is 800-440-3318.

4. There is also a shuttle bus that goes to the T as I mentioned above. It is $2 one way. If by accident you take this (because it looks similar to the silver line) you will arrive at the blue line airport stop. The T has only 4 lines, all colors, red, blue, orange and green. You can take this blue line to the orange to the red, get off at south station to the silver line. Then follow #3 above. You will not have to pay again to board the silver line at this junction.

5. There is a water taxi too which will be great for August weather but windy/cold for this month. See for  the information. 

6. The hotel is in a relatively new developed area called seaport district. In the last 5-10 yrs, Boston has made large efforts to get more people in this area ie new convention center, musuem of contemporay art, westin, other hotels, restaurants, etc. The hotel is right on one section of Boston's beautiful waterfront (one of the reasons why I chose this venue). On an August day, attendees can walk to the water for a nice breathe of ocean air in between workshops. You will see what I mean when you get here. This area is a short car ride from chinatown, financial district, faneuil hall. The conceriage can provide you with a city map. The World Trade Center is across the street on the ground level, and there is a walkway on second floor from the hotel to the WTC.

7. Quick bite/beverage or convenience--If needed, there is a 7 Eleven shop across the street. There might be a dunkin donuts next to the 7 Eleven too. You will be in Dunkin Donuts Nation (and Red Sox Nation!!!!) as it started here in Boston actually in Quincy the town I live in. The Boston Creme Donut is okay, but I suggest waiting to have the famous Boston Creme Pie! The coffee prices are cheaper than Starbucks.

8. Bostonians are quite reserved and very courteous. If you smile first, they will smile back! :-) The largest ethicites are of Irish or Italian descent. As a result, catholicism is a dominant religion here. There is a chinese catholic church in chinatown! :-) I went to mass in cantonese a few years ago! That was cool!

9. Asian population--  the APA population of Massachusetts was 5%. NAAAP Boston membership is 42% Chinese, 8% Taiwanese, 6% Korean and smaller percentages in other ethnicites. Lowell (more than 20 mi northwest from Boston) has a large Cambodian (10% wow) population. Near the city, Quincy (town I live in), Brighton and Malden are the towns with the highest number of Asian residents outside of Chinatown.

10. Weather--please check the weather for packing your lugguage! It changes quickly, we have a saying here 'If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute' and it is so true!

Petula Lee
NAAAP Boston National Rep
2011 NAAAP Convention Associate Director