Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speed Networking Tips

As we had a Speed Networking at Crimson C on April 3,09, it turned out great! We had recruited a few new members and there were about 33 attendees. They enjoyed the event and gave us good feedback!

We summarize and combine the art of networking tips from our speakers that night: Elaine Kitamura, Director of Public Affairs from Clear Channel, and Mark Okazaki, Executive Director of Neighborhood House. Hope this will help you make a good impression in a short time!

Courtesy information of Eliane Kiramura and Mark Okazaki

  • Everyone matters because everyone can help

  • People's minds can be changed in seconds: If you can impact a piece of information about your organization that changes someone's mind, then you have accomplished something , or they walk away and thinking "I didn't know that".
  • Always carry a lot of business cards

  • Arrive early and stay late because there are hidden opportunities everywhere

  • You have to show up: The world is full of opportunities and you never know, now can you ever predict, when a unique opportunity or something comes your way. Show up and you might learn somehting new.

  • Have a gold/objective when you attend the events

  • Write notes about things you talked or learned about the people you met

  • Have a firm handshake, smile and look at them in the eyes

  • Do thank you follow up immediately

  • Listen when you are talking to people

  • Dress appropriately

  • Do more of this and it will comes easy for you

  • Ask for help from your networking: Don't hesitate to ask for assistance or get an introduction done. If you are looking for a job, get the word out! you will be surprised when the opporutnity comes.

from left to right: Mark Okazaki Executive Director of Neighborhood House, Elaine Kitamura, Director of Public Affairs from Clear Channel, and Hang Chan Professional Development Chair of NAAAP-Seattle

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