Saturday, July 17, 2010

Politicians, Presidents, and Butter Miso Fish star at 2010 NAAAP member appreciation and membership drive picnic

As the final game of the World Cup games aired on July 11, 2010, approximately sixty people chose to come out for NAAAP-Seattle’s annual member appreciation and membership drive picnic at Lake Boren Park in Newcastle rather than watch Netherlands and Spain battle it out on the soccer field.

Included among the picnickers were 41st District State Senator Randy Gordon, King County Assessor Lloyd Hara, and 11th District State Representative Bob Hasegawa.

Senator Randy Gordon said he wanted to show his support for NAAAP-Seattle. As a state senator, he said, “I want to be a representative for everyone.”

The guest who has the honor of traveling the farthest to attend the picnic was National NAAAP President Brad Baldia, who had flown in from Philadelphia the night before.

It was Baldia’s first trip to Seattle. He was impressed by NAAAP-Seattle’s enthusiasm and energy.

“The Seattle chapter is very involved with the minority community and the presence of politicians here today indicates that,” said Baldia.

Baldia said he wants to connect with local chapters throughout the United States because he knows that through local chapters, people get connected to NAAAP nationally.

The real star attraction at the picnic this year was the food. NAAAP celebrity chef Tanantha Couilliard of I just love my Apron fame designed a menu featuring tender chicken and tofu terkayi sandwiches, butter miso with red vinegar fish, and vermicelli salad.

“I think people really appreciated the food was homemade,” said Couilliard, who noted it took a team of four volunteers two days to prepare the meal.

Murmurs of delight over the food were expressed throughout the picnic.

King County Assessor Lloyd Hara was overheard saying, “This is good fish!”

NAAAP Seattle member John Hay of Burien Toyota renewed his membership at this year’s picnic.

“I’m having a lot of fun at this picnic,” said Hay. “I get to grill…and I think I’m pretty good at it too!”

Membership Chair Kevin Chang reported approximately 15 people signed up for new memberships and renewals at the picnic.

“Thank you to everyone who made it to Lake Boren Park and to all the volunteers who made the event possible,” said Chang. “We could not have pulled off the picnic without their time and energy!”

Photos: (top) 41st District State Senator Randy Gordon speaking to picnickers.; (middle) John Hay, right, and Don Lee, left, at the grill; (bottom) NAAAP-board members with NAAAP National President. From left to right, Claire Ke Ding, Casey Huang, Brad Baldia, Gil Gido, Julie Pham, Stacia Loo, David Eam, Hang-Ping Chen, Kevin Chang.


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  2. Congratulations NAAAP for an excellent turn out!!!
    I was so impressed by the dedication of the board members in organizing a fun event at Lake Boren Park!!!
    I am especially inspired by the commitment of Seattle Chapter President-Gil Gido and National President, Brad Baldia; especially, in their efforts of fulfilling NAAAP’s mission of improving the Asian American Community through leadership development, community service, and professional /social networking.
    Moreover, that day could never been more perfect without Tanantha Couilliard ‘s vermicelli salad, tender chicken and tofu Teriyaki sandwiches, and of course-theeee delicious butter miso with red vinegar fish –just wonderful!!!!
    Many thanks NAAAP! !! I can’t wait to hear about the next NAAAP event!