Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Work hard, play hard, NAAAP hard" video marketing campaign launched

The Seattle chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) launched its "Work hard, play hard, NAAAP hard" marketing campaign this week with two online video commercials. The first is a general introduction to NAAAP-Seattle and the second represents the first in a series that will focus on NAAAP-Seattle's award-winning community service program's partnerships with other local non-profits, in this case, FareStart.

NAAAP-Seattle PR/Marketing Chair Julie Pham came up with the idea of producing an online video campaign to promote the NAAAP-Seattle brand after fellow NAAAP-Seattle member, Connie Sugahara, suggested filming the chapter's professional development lectures and posting them online.

"This kind of video marketing will bring people closer to NAAAP," said Gil Gido, NAAAP-Seattle president and principal at the social media firm, Ulysses' Social Media Marketing Company (USMMC).

In Gido's "President's Perspective" blog, former NAAAP-Seattle President Andy Yip was quoted as saying, "I work, I play, I NAAAP." Yip’s words inspired Pham to think of how "NAAAP" could also be used as a verb.

"I started to think of what NAAAP means to me," said Pham. "I'm constantly inspired by the dedication of my fellow NAAAP board members in pursuing our mission to build leaders. Through brainstorming with other board members, we decided 'to NAAAP' can mean to give, to grow, to learn, to mentor, to be mentored, to network, to volunteer....a whole lot of things."

"Work hard, play hard, NAAAP hard" became the new slogan for NAAAP-Seattle.

Eventually, each NAAAP-Seattle program director will be featured in at least one commercial. In one of the debut commercials, NAAAP-Seattle Community Service Chair David Eam spoke about NAAAP-Seattle's partnership with FareStart.

FareStart Marketing Communications Manager Karla Smith-Jones said, “FareStart is grateful to the NAAAP for all of their support of FareStart, including their volunteer commitment and their interest in partnering with us to raise awareness for both organizations."

Pham explained, "We can help build each other's brand through cross-marketing. We produce the clip and our community partners will share it with their audience."

"At FareStart, we think building community is key to creating better lives, and there’s no better way to build community than nonprofits working together," Smith-Jones added. She will share the commercial with the 14,000 FareStart supporters.

The general introduction to NAAAP featured many other local non-profits as well, including organizations as diverse as the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity, Foodline, Executive Development Institute, and National Association of Hispanic MBAs.

NAAAP-Seattle produced the commercials on a shoestring. Pham and NAAAP-Seattle member and New York Life financial adviser Vanessa Diego lent their voices to the project. Pham enlisted the help of her younger brother, Don Pham, to edit and produce the clips.

You can find NAAAP-Seattle's commercials on YouTube.

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