Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NAAAP-Seattle helps clean up International District

Next time you go to the International District, be aware that So. Jackson Street and So. King Street between Fifth and Twelve Ave So. are adopted by NAAAP-Seattle.

Sixteen NAAAP-Seattle volunteers hit their adopted streets of the International District on Sunday, Jan. 23.

Items NAAAP-Seattle picked up included hubcaps and windshield glass.

Repeat volunteer Steven Quan said he always signs up for the ID clean-ups organized by NAAAP-Seattle.

"It's important to keep our community clean," said Quan. "Even when I'm just out on the street, if I see a bit of trash, I can't help it,...I'll pick it up."

James Tabafunda said he had a few hours to spare on a Sunday, "so I thought it'd volunteering would be a good way to spend it."

Photos by James Tabafunda.

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