Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's Next?

2011 NAAAP Seattle Board members: (l to r) Sherwin Tsao (Technology) Julie Pham (PR/Marketing) Claire Ding (Secretary) Michael Okimura (Professional Development) Amy Duong (Student Relations) and Hang Chen (National Rep.)
Seattle, Wa - As the NAAAP Seattle Board met for its mid-year retreat this past Sunday at Nikkei Concerns, a leading provider of health services in the Pacific Northwest, we stood in what's next? and a theme of revolutionary change giving us a platform for a day long discussion to take NAAAP Seattle to a higher level.

Our primary concern, which is not specific to our organization, was succession planning and retention. Since our board committments are two years in length and about fifty percent of our board will have their terms expiring this year, our challenge is to retain current board members through re-election and recruit new board members. As board members this challenge gives us an opportunity to set policies and structures for our current environment not to say the least of retaining and recruiting the leadership of NAAAP Seattle.

That said, we had a lively discussion with both positive and negative inputs from all board members. Overall, it gave us all the needed inspiration for what's to come. As we've learned, this is a process and every consideration needs to be put on the table for either adoption or elimination. Stay tuned!

(l to r) Marian Liu (VP External Affairs) Jeffrey Hattori (Chief Executive Officer, Nikkei Concerns ) Judy Yu (Past NAAAP Seattle President and Faciliator) Albert Shen (Past NAAAP National President) Rick Takeuchi (Human Resources Director, Nikkei Concerns) and Barry Mar (Consultant)
If you have any questions about the NAAAP Board or want to know about the roles and responsibilities of being on the NAAAP Seattle Board, please visit our Board page.

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