Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recap: 2011 NAAAP Convention and Diversity Career Fair

Boston, MA - The 2011 NAAAP Convention and Diversity Career Fair was NAAAP’s latest conference with over 620 attendees from 13 chapters and ventures from both Canada and US. Leaving our week in Boston, we achieved four goals:

     • Educated ourselves on Asian issues and identified chapter opportunities and go-do’s for the upcoming year.
     • Built organizational relationships with sponsors and other chapters as well as building our own leadership capacity.
     • Attended National Board and Sr. Advisory Board Meetings.
     • Acknowledged our achievements in Marketing (winner), Community Service (winner), Membership (top 3 finisher) and Programs (top 3 finisher) at the Gala.

Scroll below for event highlights and thank yous.


Thank Yous
     • The Boston Chapter for hosting the convention and led by Samson Lee.    
     • The National administration for creating this leadership opportunity year over year.
     • Our membership and board members who attended getting opporutnities to meet employers and attend sessions.
     • The numerous sponsors and career fair exhibitors.
     • The generous volunteers for their time and talents.

And that’s a wrap. Mark your calendars for the NAAAP Convention 2012 which will be held in New York City August 23-25. This will be a celebration of NAAAP’s 30th anniversary.

 NAAAP Seattle Board

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