Sunday, January 24, 2010

Community Service: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Washington and Alaska

Congratulations to David Eam, NAAAP Seattle's Community Service Chair for organizing this event and the 15 volunteers who showed up to cook and serve dinner to 80 people living at the Seattle Ronald McDonald House, a charity foundation which supports seriously ill children and their families. It provides a "home-away-from-home" to help families through a difficult time. Housing is provided to the families of any seriously ill children who live more than 30 miles away while undergoing treatment at Seattle Children's hospital.

Moreover, Community service is an important compenent of NAAAP Seattle. We know that giving back to those in need is a core value of leaders. Doing so makes the community we live and work in be all the more livable, so I encourage you to volunteer at the next available opportunity as it's also a rewarding experience. NAAAP Seattle has volunteer opportunities throughout the year and leading companies will often match your time and donation because they know the value of giving back.

Here are some pictures of the event along with the food. We served an appetizer, three courses and a dessert, which I tried to coax the recipes for my own use but was denied. The reason? Because it was CONFIDENTIAL :)

Thanks again to everyone who donated their time and their skills. I hope to see everyone at our next event.

Gil Gido
NAAAP Seattle


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