Friday, January 29, 2010

Leaders Sell

Business transactions are an exchange of good or services from a seller to a buyer.When you are leader you conduct a similar transaction. What you are selling are your ideas and vision to everyone without discrimination. You do this every minute of everyday and in whatever weather or circumstance.Now in doing so, you are selling your value, your organization and ultimately your products and services.

Selling can be most difficult since I am probably like many of you - I wasn't taught to sell. I graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois @ Chicago. Now 20 years later and through various experiences - from being a lab tech, a project manger, and now an entrepreneur, I am here writing as President of one of the most active chapters of the National Association of Asian American Professionals to underscore the importance of selling. Of all of the leadership skills, I feel it as the most important skill.

I realize now that I have been selling all along and I didn't know it.I sold myself when I got a job. I sold my ideas when I pitched project ideas. And most of all I sold myself to get into this position

When I'm not leading NAAAP, I am being an entrepreneur. I launched Ulysses' Social Media Marketing Company to help new businesses grow using social media - Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In the short time I've been in business, I have 5 clients. 5 is a alot in the business I am in considering the time it took to build the relationships, understand their needs and to create solutions for them.

Turning it back to you, what have you sold?If you're a nurse or doctor, have you shared with someone on a healthcare policy or procedure? If you're a lawyer, have you shared testimony with a judge and jury? If you're an engineer, have you shared a new technology? If you're a history student, have you shared your perspective on history? Well, it's selling!

In closing, selling while challenging can be learned. Take stock in your accomplishments and don't fear selling if you're the type who like me who didn't like to sell. It just takes practice to get good. Below, I've included some resources on selling so you'll be a success.

Gil Gido
NAAAP Seattle

Books on Selling:

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