Monday, March 22, 2010

Rewarded with cranberry & pomengranate ice cream

Under community service Chair David Eam's direction, NAAAP-sters are venturing into new terrain for volunteer opportunities. This past Sunday, 11 volunteers (David had originally set the max at ten) showed up at the kitchen of Farestart in downtown Seattle, donned aprons, sliced fruit, bagged lunches, and washed dishes.

According to Farestart's website, FareStart is "a culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals. Over the past 17 years, FareStart has provided opportunities for over 3,000 people to transform their lives, while also serving over 3.5 million meals to disadvantaged men, women, and children."

The volunteers were treated a special lunch of their own. David said, "Everyone was given cranberry and pomengranate ice cream at the end of the event. The chefs were very
helpful, giving us tips in the kitchen."

NAAAP-Seattle volunteers will next tackle litter on the streets of the International District on March 28. Come join us! For details, email David at

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