Monday, March 29, 2010

Three city blocks, 17 volunteers, and 15 bags of garbage

Despite the grey skies that promised rain on a Sunday morning (3/28), NAAAP-Seattle saw the largest volunteer turnout of 2010 yet--17 people.

Volunteers were distributed into several teams to clean the strip of So. Jackson St. between 8th & Rainier Ave that had been adopted by NAAAP-Seattle in Seattle's Adopt a Street program.

The result? 15 large bags of trash.

Community service Chair David Eam noted, "a random bystander in the ID even applauded our efforts for this work."

The volunteers were impressed by the great turnout and by how much they were able to accomplish in just a few hours. And they were grateful for the rainless skies.

Next time you walk down So. Jackson St., look for the "This street has been adopted by NAAAP-Seattle" sign.

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