Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feeding the hungry through Farestart, Part II

On May 29, NAAAP-Seattle volunteers made their second appearance this spring at the Farestart kitchen.

Nine volunteers spent much of their Saturday preparing sack lunches and hot meals for food that will get distributed to childcare centers, including Head Start programs, and homeless shelters around the Seattle area.

NAAAP-Seattle member Jenafer Park said she found the work very rewarding, “knowing that we were helping put together meals that would feed about 2000 people.”

In the Farestart kitchen, Jenafer was accompanied by husband, John Park.

“We enjoyed meeting the people that were being trained through the Farestart program,” Jenafer said. “We got to see first-hand that Farestart makes a difference in their lives. It was an enjoyable and amazing experience overall.”

"Volunteering at Farestart was a very well rewarding and heart warming experience," said Nelson Siu, a veteran NAAAP-Seattle volunteer. "Knowing the food you helped prepare will be delivered to some needy person on the street that afternoon brings a sense of satisfaction that is hard to top."

NAAAP-Seattle Community Service Chair David Eam reported that all the volunteers said they “really enjoyed the activity and would return again.”

If you have a few spare hours and want to contribute to your community, consider volunteering in one of NAAAP-Seattle’s numerous community service opportunities. Coming up are opportunities to volunteer at CISC’s 38th Friendship dinner on June 12 and Habitat for Humanity, also on June 12.

Want to lead a community service project? Please contact David Eam at david.eam@naaapseattle.org

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