Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hammering away for Habitat for Humanity

Thirteen NAAAP-Seattle volunteers came from far and wide- Lynnwood, Kirkland, Bellevue, Seattle-and sacrificed an entire sunny day to volunteer at the West Seattle Habitat For Humanity site.

On June 12, NAAAP-Seattle partnered Habitat Young Professionals (HYP)-Seattle. With guidance from the Vajra Allan of HYP, the volunteers were divided into three different teams, working on two houses.

Tasks included prepping and cleaning the interior; installing building paper and house wrapping; and painting the undersiding of the eaves.

“We got to challenge ourselves by trying new things - whether it be putting on Tyvek insulation or using a different kind of staple gun,” said Theresa Ip Froehlich, the coordinator for this NAAAP-Seattle event.

The Energy level was high! Everyone was willing to participate. Not even two malfunctioning vacuum cleaners and plumes of dust prevent the volunteers from getting the work done. Tasks were assigned according to experience and comfort level.

So, volunteer Seng Jiunn said, “I did nothing but push the cart around!”

“The ladies, Samantha [Fu] and Claire [Xiao] are the ones that really step up the game,” added Seng. “I think we got everything done in about 2-3 hours time. Just amazing.”

The event was a truly collaborative effort. NAAAP-Seattle volunteers even prepared the delicious sandwiches for lunch. As they ate, they discussed with HYP the impact of Habitat for Humanity. NAAAP-Seattle has been coordinating volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity for years.

“The most fun part was seeing the tangible results of our physical labor, visualizing a family moving in when they take possession of the house, and working together with others as a team,” said Theresa.

By the end of the long day, Vajra exclaimed, “We got a lot of work done!"

“The Habitat staff supervisor said that our accomplishment far exceeded his expectation,” Theresa noted.

To find out more about volunteering with NAAAP-Seattle, please email Community Service Chair, David Eam, at

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