Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Packing Pinto beans with Food Lifeline

On March 16, Saturday afternoon, NAAAP-Seattle volunteered at Food Lifeline in Shoreline, packing 9360 pounds of pinto beans.

Food Lifeline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger in Western Washington. Last year, Food Lifeline secured more than 24 million pounds of food-nearly 19 million meals-to feed hungry families and individuals throughout Western Washington.

NAAAP-Seattle Community Service Committee Member Nelson Siu led the NAAAP-Seattle team. Boston University Alumni and a local rowing crew also volunteered that day.

Siu said he learned how most of the food goes to feed those who live above the poverty line, but are unable to make ends meet and the extra food helps people feed their families through the end of the month.

Other NAAAP-Seattle volunteers included: Barret Seifer, Jeannette Roden, Earlene Randle, Krystal Turney, Berenice Plata Aldana, Charlee Brawn, Laraine Oracion, and NAAAP-Seattle Vice-President-Operations David Eam.

For more information on volunteering with NAAAP-Seattle, please contact NAAAP-Seattle Community Service Chair Jenafer Park at

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